On this page you will find various home education forms to help you register your child, develop a program plan, submit your expenses, and much more. We want make your experience with Willow Home Ed as simple as possible.


Apply to Willow Home Ed

Willow Home Ed Application 2017-2018

Program Plan

A Program Plan must be developed for each Willow Home Ed student.

Willow Program Plan

Willow Program Plan (PDF E-form)

High School Planning Form

Starting Grade 10? Use this form to plan your prospective courses through high school. Revisit it every year as you refine your plan.

High School Planning Form 2017-2018

Resource Claims

Willow Home Ed will reimburse you for eligible expenses, pursuant to Alberta Education guidelines.

Resource Claims

Self-Directed High School Forms

PDF Forms
Part A -Course Proposal
Part B -Course Evaluation
Part C -Portfolio Checklist

Word Documents
Part A -Course Proposal
Part B -Course Evaluation