Willow Home Ed is the first school we have attended, that have ‘truly’ put our children’s needs first and we are very grateful for that. Our home education manager Cindy Schnee has been a great help to us and we enjoy her visits. Not forgetting Joe Smith who never fails to make time for us in his extremely busy schedule!

Testimonial #7

With Willow Home Ed we appreciate the ability to pursue our children’s learning path in a way that fits their individual needs. Our years with Risa as our facilitator have been very enjoyable. We have a lot in common, and she really understands what our family is doing. We are leaving, only because we are moving out of province, and we dearly wish we could pack Risa in our suitcase and take her along, too. Thank you for all you’ve done for us over the years

Testimonial #6

I wanted to let you know that in all our years of homeschooling, which is 8 including this year, so 16 home visits….today was the BEST home visit we have ever had. Thank you for taking such an interest in what [my son] has been doing and what he is working on. He had a big smile on his face and is quite proud of himself. It’s easy to forget all his accomplishments and hard work when he is in the thick of things and trying to finish up the year. He has also been really thinking hard on how you did that card trick!

Testimonial #5

I am at [Willow Home Ed formerly Third Academy @ home] and I must say I have found this school extremely supportive…Thank you 🙂

Testimonial #4