High School Through Willow Home Ed

High school is an exciting time for home school students and their parents or guardians. At Willow Home Ed, we believe in parent choice. We will assist you in developing a high school program that meets your family’s objectives and requirements while, at the same time, meeting Alberta Education standards. Students have the option of working toward an Alberta accredited High School Diploma, or the option of choosing only the courses required for their post-secondary programs. We also support those wishing to pursue high school without credits. We know home educators value flexibility and Willow Home Ed will help you develop the best program for your child.

Below we have posted useful information about High School Studies through Willow Home Ed.

High School Student

Self-Directed High School

Willow Home Ed High School Students have considerable flexibility to develop their own, individualized program of study while meeting Alberta Education’s standards. For further information, click on this link:  Self Directed High School


Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship

Planning or contemplating post-secondary studies? The Province of Alberta rewards outstanding high school students with up to $2,500 through the Alexander Rutherford Scholarship program. As well, other provincial scholarships may also be available for qualified home education students. These funds help cover the cost of college or university tuition during the first year and may assist the recipient in obtaining other scholarships during subsequent years of post-secondary study. As the scholarship guidelines are very specific, plan ahead when developing your Grade 10 program to maximize eligibility.

For future information and to apply, visit: Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship Program

Grade 12 Diploma Examinations

The Province of Alberta requires high school students taking designated Grade 12 courses to write a diploma exam. The final course mark is a combined grade based on the course and diploma exam marks.For further information on diploma exams, designated courses, and how to prepare, visit:  Grade 12 Diploma Examination Program

Alberta myPass High School Student Portal


Grade 10 students are encouraged to register for access to myPass, Alberta’s secure, self-service website for High School students. Through this website you can view your progress toward high school completion and much more.

For more information, visit: Alberta myPass