Through our Self-Directed High School Program, Willow Home Ed students are invited to incorporate their own interests into their plan to achieve credits in combination with the content and learning outcomes established by Alberta Education. We support and encourage students to take charge of their learning, develop ways to exercise self-determination and agency, and express their personal creativity and passions.

Soar through Willow Home Education High School

The first step is to let your Home Education Manager (HEM) know which high school course you want to do. She or he will send you a Course Proposal Outline which summarizes the learning outcomes and helps guide you in creating a Self-Directed Student Course Proposal. We have course outlines for the four core academic areas (ELA, Math, Science, and Social), as well as other popular courses such as Physical Education, Work Experience, CALM, and Special Projects. For other courses, including the arts or CTS courses like Foods or Computer Science, your HEM will direct you to Alberta Education’s learning outcomes.

With the Course Proposal documents, parents and students create detailed plans for high school learning which meet the Alberta Education’s learning outcomes using whatever resources and activities best suit the individual student. In the core Grade 12 courses where students will write diploma exams, we recommend that students use at least some “Alberta Education approved” resources. Within these parameters, students are free to structure and pace their learning to meet their own needs and life demands. For example:

    • English Language Arts: students are free to choose novels, short stories, essays, film, and drama that match their grade level and interest, and need not come solely from Alberta Education’s Authorized Novels and Nonfiction Annotated List from Alberta Education. However, we strongly recommend familiarity with works on this list for the grade 12 diploma exam. Students passionate about science fiction can choose science fiction novels, plays, or films. The specific novels, plays, and other works  should be listed on Proposal Part A. Your HEM will look over your Proposal, make suggestions if particular learning outcomes are missing, and then submit it to our principal, Joe Smith, for approval.
    • Science or Mathematics: students may continue using the resources and programs from earlier grades, such as Crash Course, Khan Academy, or Math U See, supplementing where necessary to meet the learning outcomes. They need not make a radical switch away from programs that worked for them.
    • With Physical Education, students already deeply involved in particular team sports or individual pursuits are free to continue and earn credit for these activities, supplementing to meet other requirements as described in the Willow Home Ed course outline.
    • Fine Arts: students can pursue their interests in music, drama, painting, and so on through classes, lessons, and performances, again receiving credit.
    • Special Projects are often the vehicle for students to develop and present their learning in a variety of pursuits. Our students have done projects in everything from Game Theory to Creative Writing, Show Jumping to Paleontology, and Religious Ministry to American Sign Language. At Willow Home Ed, the sky is the limit!

Self-Directed High School Forms

PDF Forms
Part A -Course Proposal
Part B -Course Evaluation
Part C -Portfolio Checklist

Download Word Documents
Part A -Course Proposal
Part B -Course Evaluation

Contact your Home Education Manager for assistance.