What is “traditional”, or parent-directed home education?
How do I get started?
Why should I choose Willow Home Ed for my family?
What Is Third Academy?
Where can I find resources?
How much time does it take? Can I work outside the home and still homeschool?
How does homeschool funding work in Alberta?
Can I register my child after the funding deadline?
What areas in the province do you serve?
How often will my Home Education Manager visit?
How long is a typical visit?
What happens at a homeschool visit with my Home Education Manager?
How can I best prepare for the visit?
Is my Home Education Manager available outside of our two visits?
Are Home Education Managers Alberta certified teachers?
Can I homeschool a special needs child?
How do I choose resources, curriculum, and activities?
What about socialization? How do I connect with other homeschool families?
What about high school? Can my child earn credits and a diploma?
Can home education students go on to university or college?
Can home education students qualify for the Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship?
What do I say to friends or relatives who question or dislike my decision to homeschool?
I was not a strong student and never went to college. Am I smart enough to homeschool my child?
What are the laws about homeschooling in Alberta? Where can I find them?
How do I make a program plan?
What kinds of families homeschool?
Our child is LGBTQ2. Will Willow support us?
What about testing? Does my child have to do some kind of yearly standardized test, or write the PATs?
What is unschooling?
What is de-schooling?
Why do people choose to homeschool? What are the benefits?