ursa is operated by Third Academy International Ltd., an accredited Alberta private school authority. ursa provides home based Alberta families and students with a constellation of choice, ranging from fully parent directed home education, shared responsibility programming, to fully teacher directed distance education. Our 100% parent directed program operated previously under the name “Willow Home Ed.” Willow Home Ed moving forward is ursa Parent Directed. While the name has changed, our families can count on the support provided by the same team of exceptional Home Education Managers.

Applications for our ursa Parent Directed program are made online through SchoolCloud, a secure Student Information System. Please keep these points in mind before starting your application.

  • We recommend that you submit your application using a computer or tablet rather than a cell phone.
  • Prior submitting an application for a new student to ursa, scan or take a photograph of your child’s birth certificate and save the image on your electronic device.
  • SchoolCloud’s speed is impacted by the number of users online. Please be patient.
  • Read the application instructions in advance and refer to them during the registration process.

Click on the link below, for the ursa Parent Directed Application Instructions:

ursa Parent Directed Application Process