Joe, I need to thank you for taking [my son] on. We met with Cindy today & what a fit! …. Incredible! Cindy left [my son] feeling good (& not like a loser) for the schooling he needs to finish & graduate…& found a way to reduce his course load….. Cindy explained why that heavy course load was not needed & praised him for the classes he had already done…& for his good grades. I haven’t seen him smile about school in a year, so it was wonderful to see him respond so well to Cindy.

Bottom line? She gave him hope! He completed the self-directed plan already (on his own within an hour of her being here) & was ready to submit it to her. She added in work experience & he is thrilled. He told me he liked Cindy & felt he could work with her, instead of being “told” by [another home school provider], beaten down with a huge course load – & receive no willingness to work with him & treat him well. Teens resist being dictated too & prefer feeling empowered & having a say in things. I was so thankful she was so kind to him & he was ready to run with it.

I was panicked I had gotten him this far as an HS-er & to have him miss graduating with 9 credits short! Now I feel relieved & thankful. He will make it!

Testimonial 10

You folks are AMAZING! Where have you been all our homeschool journey? I wish I had heard of you folks sooner… It would have made […..]’s high school so much more pleasant. Super thankful for y’all now.

Testimonial #9

I am so happy with my experience this far with Willow Home Ed. I have been a part of their program for 3 years going on four years. Principal Joseph and our Home Education Manager Risa have been super amazing, supporting my girls and I to have our own journey in teaching what is relevant and important for our family. I have never felt pressured or felt I needed to conform to something or someone. They are there to support one individually in whatever it is that you need. Thank you and I am looking forward to a continued warm, caring relationship with you in the future years.”

Testimonial #8

It has been “Home Education my child’s way” times seven and each child literally needed a different approach. I have considered myself blessed that I have been able to facilitated my children’s learning with the freedom and flexibility my family needed yet also always received the support I needed. From 100% life learning to life learning till high school and several other approaches that included online classes, our family is now raising a couple of home learners with special needs and we are confident that we will continue to receive whatever support we need. I love how my children have been celebrated and cheered on by their facilitator during the home visits. I now have a graduate from SAIT, another adult child with a career in youth work and another one who was accepted into University after a life of self directed learning at home. Having had a supportive learning environment with a Home Education Program and facilitators that understand what we are doing, has been crucial to my success with my children!

Testimonial #8